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Impact & Business Awards

Community Impact Award Nomination Guidelines
Nomination Form

Monterey County's Best
Mother/Baby Friendly Business

    1.    Nomination guidelines
    2.    Nomination form: English
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Community Impact Award Nomination Guidelines

A. The nominee works to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding mothers, babies, and families by demonstrating innovative excellence in the areas of
    1. Education
    2. Collaborations and Partnerships
    3. Leadership and Initiative
    4. Professionalism
    5. Job performance, and
    6. Relationships with peers, clients, and other
        professionals that improve the health of families in Monterey

B. Award categories
    1. Individual
    2. Workplace
    3. Education
    4. Community Service, and
    5. Comprehensive Impact

    An individual or an organization can be nominated.

C. All nomination application must be received by Friday, June 30, 2015 by 5 pm.

D. A screening committee will review all nominations, rank-order their selections, and submit their recommendations to the Coalition Steering Committee for final approval. All nominees who meet the published criteria will be considered.

                Community Impact Award Nomination Form

Monterey County's Best
Mother/Baby Friendly Business

Award Recipients
    1. Central Avenue Bakery & Deli, 173 Central Ave, Pacific Grove
    2. Chatterbaux Childrens' Shoppe, 157 Fountain Ave, Pacific Grove
    3. Corpus Christi Bookstore, 47 San Miguel Ave #5, Salinas
    4. Educational Stuff and Toys, Too, 908 1/2 S. Main, Salinas

Monterey County's Best
Mother/Baby Friendly Business
Award Guidelines

What is a Mother/Baby Friendly Business?
    This is a business or organization that welcomes mothers and babies and supports parents in the everyday but sometimes challenging task of shopping and accessing business and services. They recognize that sometimes mothers need to shop with babies, young children, and strollers and that some people have more difficulty than others in using commercial and retail services. Mother/Baby Friendly businesses welcome all families and try to accommodate their needs.

    For many people, the experiences of family, children, shopping and community life are linked.  Families need to shop and eat, and many studies point to children as having increasing influence over their families spending patterns.  The experience of shopping is often more than a simple business transaction.

County makes up a diverse and growing community, and is home to a high proportion of families and children. The adoption and promotion of Mother/Baby Friendly business practices provides an opportunity for the area to develop as a Mother/Baby Friendly area that attracts a wide range of people by meeting their commercial and administrative needs as well their sense of belonging, identity and community.

usinesses that are Mother/Baby Friendly will be eligible to display the international symbol that designates an area Mother/Baby Friendly.

International Mother/Baby Friendly symbol
International Mother/Baby Friendly symbol

         Monterey County's Best
 Mother/Baby Family Businesses
        Good for business,
                         great for families!

Nomination Form English
Nomination Form Spanish

For questions please contact:
Trina Ammar, Awards committee
Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies
1120 Forest Ave #181,
Pacific Grove, CA  93950
831.625.4515 ext 1702


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